We offer 4 levels of flexible month by month membership to Farm Club to suit the needs of any family.

Full membership – £75 per month for the whole family.

Full members benefit from:

  • A fully prepared vegetable plot with rabbit fencing, pigeon netting, tool locker and mains water hose
  • Daily watering service of your plot
  • On staff horticulturalist team to assist with planting, weeding and planning
  • Monthly planters evenings to enable successful planting and harvesting, making sure you yield the maximum crop
  • High quality low cost plants from our own Farm Poly Tunnel
  • Free Saturday Club for children every Saturday from 10am – Midday. Fun educational activities for the whole family
  • Discounted entry for holiday workshops and Farm Club Cookery School
  • Farm Club Full members breakfast every Sunday
  • Priority bookings for all events and workshops
  • Full use of Club house, fully equipped kitchen, Tea, Coffee and Juice are supplied
  • and an active members social calendar throughout the year

Plot share membership: £40 per month.
All the benefits of full membership, but half the plot!

Social Membership: £20 per month per family

Want to enjoy unlimited access to the farm and facilities, play area and animals, workshops and invitations to events but don’t need to grow your own. Social members have exactly the same access to the Farm Club as full members (excluding Sunday member’s breakfast), but have no vegetable plot as part of their membership.

We also offer Corporate Social Membership, why not treat your team to a Farm Club social membership? Discounts available.

Friends of Farm Club: £15 per year per member
If you do not have the time to enjoy all the benefits of membership on a regular basis but would still like to enjoy the farm and our social events then this could be the option for you. Invites to Farm Club every month including our fun educational events on Saturdays and social evening ticketed events with live music for adults only.

You can also take advantage of our locally farmed meat options to buy.



Terms & Conditions of Membership to Farm Club

Observation of Conditions – The primary member shall read and agree to comply with all terms and conditions of membership. The Farm Club retains all rights and powers over the land.

Membership fees – The monthly fees payable to Farm Club are for members included in the Farm Club application form, or added during the term of the membership.

Termination by Member – The member may give up their membership giving 30 days’ notice to the Farm Club (or less if agreed).

Children – The member shall ensure that any children (under 16) brought on to Farm Club land are supervised and accompanied by the primary adult member or other such responsible adult. Farm Club has no responsibility for such arrangements between members.

Farm Club visitors – Full and Social Members may invite visitors to the Farm Club, subject to the visitor signing the visitor’s book in the Club house. Visitors are limited to 3 (three) visits to Farm Club with the member per calendar year.

Farm Animals – The member shall not keep any animals at Farm Club unless agreed with the Farm Manager. No member should access any animal paddocks, animal housing or feed the animals unless accompanied or requested to do so by a member of the Farm Club management team.

Member’s social calendar – All Full, Social Members and Friends of farm Club will be invited to all Club monthly social events and places are reserved on a first come first serve basis.  Members may invite non-member guests subject to availability. All event fees are payable at time of booking to confirm reservations.

Growing area – Full members will keep the allotment plot and paths surrounding their plot free from weeds and maintained in a proper state of cultivation. If for any reason the member is unable to maintain their allotment plot for a prolonged period of time, for example, due to illness, the member or a relative should notify the Farm Club as soon as possible.

Use – The member shall use their allotment plot only for the purpose of growing, vegetables, fruit or flowers. Full and Social Members may also use the Farm land and Clubhouse at any time. Access is by way of a secure coded door which is changed on a regular basis. Members will be advised of the new door code by SMS text or email or both. Members should ensure the clubhouse is left secure when leaving if they are last to leave the farm.

Sunday Breakfast – is exclusively for full members and their families.

Saturday Farm Club – Is for children of full and social members under 10 years of age. Children must be accompanies by the primary member or other such designated responsible adult. Charges may apply – See Farm Club notice board for details.

Trade – The member shall not use the allotment plot, or allow it to be used, for the purposes of any trade and business.

Plot Sub-letting – The member shall not enter into any agreement, verbal or written, to sub-let, assign or part with possession of the allotment plot or any part of it under any circumstances.

Free Range meat share – Members may opt in to be part of the Free Range meat share for Pork, Lamb and Beef on a bi-monthly basis. Meat orders are strictly on a first come first served basis.

Paths – Members of allotment plots shall ensure that the paths are kept free of obstructions and hazards at all times and shall ensure that the width of the path is established at all times. Members must not reduce the path width by depositing soil or any other material or debris on the paths surface.

Barbecues – The member shall not have or hold a barbecue or family gathering within the confines of the allotment plot

Dogs – Dogs are not permitted on Farm Club property without the express permission of the Farm Manager

Water Supply – The member shall not waste or contaminate the water supply or interfere with or attach any other hosepipe to the allotment standpipes.  The Farm Club may shut off the water supply when it deems necessary, including for the purposes of emptying the pipes owing to frost or any other cause.

Chemicals/Pesticides – Members should ensure that any chemicals and or pesticides are applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and be approved products. Members should ensure that when spraying it is not allowed to drift onto paths or other member’s allotment plots. All products should be secured in the tool cabinet supplied with the allotment plot.

Damage – The member shall not cause damage, or allow damage to be caused, to any roads, paths, gates, fences, sheds or any other Farm Club property.

Access – The member shall not enter Farm Club except by the proper roads, paths and gates. Members must not restrict access to the allotment plot by installing padlocks, fences, gates or any other unauthorised restrictions.

Hours of Use – The member is allowed access to the Farm Club site between the hours of 5.00am and 10.00pm daily in the summer time and daylight hours in the wintertime. If access to the Allotment Site is by way of a padlocked gate, the member shall ensure that the gate is kept locked after entering and leaving the Farm Club.

Inspection – Any member or officer of Farm Club shall be entitled at any time to enter and inspect the allotment site/plot.

Bonfires – Members should not light any bonfires or cause any smoke nuisance as defined by the Environmental Protection Act 1990, section 80. Farm Club will not burn the following materials on the allotment plot: 1. Rubber/Plastics/Foam/Paint; 2. any material originating outside of the allotment site/plot; 3. any material producing black smoke; 4. any other hazardous material that could cause environmental damage

Re-cycling/Rubbish – The member shall keep the allotment plot and the surrounding area clear of litter, refuse, or other rubbish. The member shall not deposit or permit to be deposited on the allotment plot, any refuse or decaying matter (except manure and compost in such quantities as may reasonably be required for the use in the cultivation of the allotment plot) or place any refuse or matter elsewhere on any adjoining allotment plot.

Nuisance and Anti-Social Behaviour – The member shall not cause or permit to be caused any of the following:

  • Any distress to the Farm animals
  • Any nuisance, annoyance or damage to the detriment of other member’s enjoyment of the Farm Club.
  • Trespass on other member’s growing area

Termination by the Farm Club – The Farm Club may require the member to vacate the Farm Club if the member has not paid their membership fees, has not abided by the Farm Clubs Terms and conditions of membership, has not maintained their allotment plot in a proper state of cultivation or on determination of the Farm Club’s lease arrangement with the landlords. The Farm Club is not obliged to issue a Notice to quit to members.

Disputes Between Members – In the event of any dispute between members the decision of the authorised Farm Club Manager shall be final.

Address for Correspondence:

Farm Club Manager
Farm Club
Meadow Lane
St Ives
PE27 4LG

Farm Club is a great environment where we spend quality time with our friends and family. It is a fantastic way to learn new skills, get fresh air and exercise and produce our own great tasting food with a real sense of achievement. There are so many benefits in becoming a little more self sufficient and here it’s completely hassle free. We have been given so much advice from ‘roots to recipes’. Everything is provided and well managed so we get to enjoy the time we spend here. Children learn the importance and responsibility of looking after animals and where their food comes from. There are regular events that are both fun and educational. There is a range of people here of all ages and we have made new friends and feel like part of a small community, we share time with like minded people who enjoy the ’back to basics’ lifestyle.

– From the members

A place where families relax, have fun, learn new skills and share the good things in life for the benefit of all involved. With a subtle mix of new skills, healthy exercise and entertainment, Farm Club is the perfect environment for families to ‘grow together’.

Get in touch: here. Tel. 07887 576064
Farm Club, Meadow Lane, St Ives, Cambridgeshire, PE27 4LG