• Whatever the weather we have dedicated staff and a team of volunteers who look after the farm animals. We give Students the opportunity to work alongside our team and develop life skills as well as an understanding of the farm to fork process. Many of our team members and volunteers developed their passion for the ‘good life’ when they became members here at Farm Club.

We strongly believe in and advocate the five animal freedoms:

  1. Freedom from disease and injury

  2. Freedom to eat and drink

  3. Freedom to exercise

  4. Freedom from injury

  5. Freedom from stress

We have a small herd of charismatic goats that we have bred ourselves and in the summer we encourage the students  to help milk them.

Our special small animal barn is where students  can get up close and personal with our resident rabbits and guinea pigs. They can handle them, under supervision, as well as grooming and feeding them. This supports developing good attitudes and confidence in respecting and understanding about the importance of caring for animals.

The hatchery in the animal barn is a very special place where students can learn and experience first hand the incubation process of the farm chicks and ducklings. The students are able to collect the fertilised eggs, put their name on one and place it into the incubator. They will learn about and follow the incubation and hatching process from candling the egg during its development through to watching the hatching and releasing the new chicks into the farm barn and eventually into the paddock.

We have many varieties of chickens, ducks and bantams and our own piglets and rearing pigs.

One of our members is a keen bee keeper and produces honey for the farm kitchen. If anybody is interested in learning more about this process please speak to us and we can arrange a tour of the apiary.

Whatever the season, and the weather, there is always lots to see and even more to help with if you would like to get involved.



A place where families relax, have fun, learn new skills and share the good things in life for the benefit of all involved. With a subtle mix of new skills, healthy exercise and entertainment, Farm Club is the perfect environment for families to ‘grow together’.

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