Farm Club is a place for friends and families to grow their own produce and help to rear the farm animals in a very friendly environment.  This is an opportunity to spend quality time outdoors and get a real sense of achievement from having a more ‘self sufficient’ lifestyle.

The Farm Manager Carol Bailey has always had a real passion for outdoor living and started keeping a few chickens and ducks in her back garden. In 2008 she began to sell poultry and coups at local Farmers markets, helping families set up homes for their hens and offering friendly advice. More and more people who visited the farm expressed a real interest in becoming more ‘self sufficient’ and really wished they could do the same but didn’t know where and how to start as they didn’t have the space or knowledge and more importantly the time needed to look after everything.

We understand that most people have very hectic lives but would really like to grab a slice of the ‘good life’, so we offer membership to the farm and have a unique set up offering full support and day to day management, this enables our Farm Club members to come and go as they please as if it were an extension to their own back garden with the peace of mind that everything is cared for in their absence.

A place where families relax, have fun, learn new skills and share the good things in life for the benefit of all involved. With a subtle mix of new skills, healthy exercise and entertainment, Farm Club is the perfect environment for families to ‘grow together’.

We share
time with like
minded people who
enjoy the 'back to
basics' lifestyle.

Get in touch: here. Tel. 07887 576064
Farm Club, Meadow Lane, St Ives, Cambridgeshire, PE27 4LG